Welcome to Windsor-L


At Windsor-L we pride ourselves on our friendly and patient approach.  We aim to make our driving lessons enjoyable in order for our clients to get the most of their lessons.  Our female instructor is A grade - the highest grade of Driving Instructor - and since February 2022 we specialise in Automatic driving tuition only.

Although we hope that the worst of Covid is now behind us, we are still left with a huge test backlog.  Theory tests waiting times in our area are up to 3 months and practical tests waiting times are 6 months.  Your instructor will help you navigate through this and devise a lesson schedule that works the best for you within the current restrictions. 

We tailor every lesson to meet your individual requirements, and offer two unique training resources to continue the learning experience once the lesson is over:

  • The Personal Progress Report© (PPR) is a summary of your progress towards the key competencies that are tested by the DVSA Driving Examiner. It enables us to work together to tailor your lessons to ensure that your training covers all the skills and knowledge you require to pass your driving test.
  • Our website has a Training Resource area that contains full training notes, presentations, videos and tutorials

Windsor-L aims to work at a pace to suit you in order to effectively build the key skills required to develop you into a safe and considerate driver.  These include:

  • Effective observation

  • The ability to assess situations as they develop
  • Quick and accurate decision making
  • Appropriate reactions
  • The use of Sat Nav