Why Intensive?

Some people are in a hurry to pass their practical driving test.   The current waiting time for a practical test is 6 months. Maybe you need to pass for that new job, or you have limited availailability for a weekly lesson, or you just want your independence as soon as possible!  An intensive or semi-intensive driving course may be right for you.  At Windsor-L we are happy to adapt to suit your needs and can offer a range of Intensive courses from a daily two hour lesson to 30 hours a week over 5 days!

Would Intensive be right for me?

Here are some things to consider to help you decide:

  • Have you already passed your theory test?
  • Have you already had a few hours behind the wheel and are familiar with the basics of driving?
  • Would you consider yourself a fast learner?
  • Can you take in a lot of information at once?
  • Do you cope well with pressurised situations?
  • Are you motivated to learn quickly?

If you've answered "yes" to most of these questions then an Intensive course may suit you. Remember that an Intensive course can be tiring and overwhelming, which is why the answers to these questions are important. 


Watch out for companies offering a "guaranteed pass".  All this means is you keep taking your test, with timings influenced by DVSA waiting times, until you pass.

Example Courses

  • 5 hours - Re-test Special if you've recently been unsuccessful
  • 10 hours - Refresher course if your last test was a little while ago
  • 20 hours - If you have considerable experience but you're not quite at test standard
  • 30 hours - If you're a confident learner with some driving experience