Some drivers feel that operating the gear stick and clutch makes it difficult to focus on the many other things that are required when operating a vehicle. Additionally, driving in heavy traffic means that gear changes can be required more often and become hard work and tiring. Starting, stopping, parking, hill starts can all be easier in an automatic car and in an automatic stalling is a thing of the past.  You are free to concentrate on the road and those around you with just the accelerator and brake to concern yourself with.

In the Windsor area we have many Global organisations with multi-national employees.  Perhaps you have an overseas driving licence but now require a UK one and are only familiar with automatic driving and dont have the time or desire to learn to drive a manual. In the UK you can obtain an automatic driving licence by passing the practical driving test in an automatic car.  If you pass your test in an automatic vehicle, you will be issued with Automatic Driving Licence and you will not be allowed to drive a manual vehicle unless you do so as a learner driver 


Whatever the reason for wishing to take automatic driving lessons Windsor-L specialises in automatic driving lessons.