The information on this page should give you a good introduction about what takes place during your Theory and Practical tests. For more links on how to apply for your tests then please go to the Getting Started page. We have only included official links from the DVSA and websites.   There are lots of other websites offering advice, but we feel it's best to only advise you to use the official information.  The key points to note are:

  • You must pass your theory test before you can book your practical test
  • To prepare for the theory test the DVSA sells official guides and practise hazard perception examples
  • Our local theory test centre is Slough but if you want to take the theory test quickly you may find an earlier date is available in Staines, Uxbridge, Guildford, Aldershot, Reading or Watford.  The theory test is exactly the same where ever you take it.
  • Once your practical test has been booked, you can reschedule it and won't be charged as long as you give 3 working days notice.
  • At Windsor-L we focus our driving instruction based on the assumption that the practical test will be taken at Slough driving test centre.
  • DVSA have recently introduced the "Ready to Pass" scheme which gives information about the key skills needed to pass the test and advice on how to judge whether you are ready to pass.  URL:
  • For those of you that like a bit more detail, here is a link to the page which explains what the examiner will be looking for on the day. Driving Test Explained.
  • For those of you that want to understand more about what could count as a fault on your Driving Test. URL:

Slough Theory Test Centre:

Brooklands House,

Petersfield Avenue, 

Slough Theory Test Centre Map

Slough Driving Test Centre (practical):

Drivng Test Centre Slough
12 Waterside Drive

Slough Test Centre Map



More detail about what will take place during the practical driving test





An example of some of the "show me" questions that are asked on the move





Details about the "tell me" questions.  You will be asked one of these during your practical test.










A demonstration of the new "driving forward into a bay" manoeuvre that was introduced in December 2017









A demonstration of the new "pull up on the right" reverse manoeuvre introduced in December 2017